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Lieutenant Commander Zeek "Outbound" Sanddoom is a human male, 35 years old (born & raised on Corellia), who specializes in piloting the Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle, specifically Shuttle 321 ("Lucy") out of the 714th Special Operations Shuttle Group. Certified for special operations by the Imperial Navy, Lieutenant Commander Sanddoom spends most of his time ferrying the likes of Joker Platoon, Dark Battalion, & other special forces around the galaxy.

Considered one of the best in the business, Lieutenant Commander Sanddoom has experience during Operation Foothold, Operation Immediate Rescue, Operation Home Base, and Operation Clean House. Despite a facial scar---from a knife attack while on mission---running across his left cheek diagonally from under his eye to his lower jaw, "Outbound" keeps a rather joyful attitude. Beyond his well practiced and heavily used skills behind the controls of a Lambda-class, Zeek is well liked & respected by his shuttle crew (co-pilot, navigator, gunner, communications officer, & engineer) and is generally considered the "go-to" pilot by most special forces.

Married with 3 children (ages 11, 7, and 2), Sanddoom keeps photos of his wife & children on the control board of his shuttle. Considered a family man and a deeply religious person (which he keeps extremely private, as he is part of the Church of the Force), Zeek is also known as patient, understanding, and generally a well liked socially connected person aboard the Darkest Night.

A small-time farmer outside of deployments with the Empire, Zeek loves the quiet country life and is looking at leaving Imperial service early to spend more time with his family.