The XQM Space Station (XM) is based off the XQ Platform Series (specifically the XQ2 Platform) and is technically an original design, however, its plans (and other XQ Platform designs) for development were stolen from Bengel Shipbuilders by the House of Royal Intelligence. Then, to cover their tracks, HRI destroyed all notes & records of the project and then further destroyed or sabotaged any plans, projects, or prototypes the company had to reverse its fortunes. This sabotage is widely considered to collapse the company, forcing it to be bought out by Tenloss Corporation. The thorough sabotage forced both Bengel & Tenloss to abandon the XQ Platform Series all together.


The QXM is designated as a Medium (M) space station and is mostly used by:


The Orbital Station & Deep Space Station Corps (ODS) uses it as a medium battle station, as well as protecting vital ground & space facilities, typically shipyards, drydocks (both planetary & orbital), and key Jod Military Sciences research locations, including XQL Space Stations & ground facilities. Within the ODS, it is the second most common space station behind the XQL.

Civilian Government Agencies

The Planetary Enforcement & Customs Agency (PECA) uses the XQL as a space traffic control space station and customs & immigration control station in the Major Worlds.

Private Sector

The private sector uses it primarily as refueling stations, travel rest areas, trading posts, casinos & cantinas, restaurants, general commerce, cargo shipping, and medcenters.

Medcenter Modifications

It should be noted that Medcenter modifications include 1 demilitarized Planetary Emergency Services & Rescue Agency (PES) V-1W-1, or W-2 PB-950 Patrol Boat and 11 M-1FD Medical Evacuation Shuttles. All starfighters have been removed, while only 1 Delta-class JV-7 Escort Shuttle remains, and weaponry has been reduced to 6 twin turreted laser cannons (1 above each hanger and 1 on the edge & underbelly of each docking platform) and Chaff & Flares.

Additional modifications include a reduced security staff (300 private security, from 400 Naval Guard), no passengers, & 598 less organic station crew (1,000 total crew & security with no passengers); the 598 less crew has been replaced with droids and automated systems), while the medcenter space station houses 2,456 medical personnel (and 10 M3-M1 Medical Droids) and can treat upwards to 6,000 patients.


Designed & built by Jod Defense Engineering Shipwrights, the QXM is sold to both civilian and military markets. The hull plating is titanium-reinforced alusteel, while the space station's structural frame is made with duramentium, giving the station a very durable design even without deflector shields. The station's deflector shields are excellent and it's premium primary power generator and single smaller auxiliary power generator provides the station with more than enough power for all operations.

The QXM is equipped with 6 XX-9 Heavy Turbolaser Batteries, 9 twin turreted laser cannons, and Chaff & Flares; a pair of laser cannons sat at the corner of each docking platform and 1 laser cannon on the underbelly edge of each docking platform, while a XX-9 sat on top of each of the 3 hangers. Three more XX-9s were on the underside of the hub of the station. The station's 3 Delta-class JV-7 Escort Shuttles & 6 StarDrive Interceptor Mk 2s provide the station with hyperspace-capable reach for reconnaissance, investigations, and travel, while the 24 Jump Fighter Mk 4s provide the station with local point-defense & patrol capabilities.

The station also has 3 PB-950 Patrol Boats (W-1, W-2, X-1, or X-2 models), which it can use for defense or patrol. The patrol boats deploy from each of the hangers.

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