A World Defense System Installation or WDS is a defensive structure designed for fortified defense and outward projection of defensive capabilities. A WDS is mostly underground, however, it's primary w-165 planetary turbolaser is mostly exposed above ground, as are the three Army Forts & perimeter security fence surrounding it. Underground facilities include power generators, bunkers for troops & WDS staff, and operational buildings & functions.

In addition to it's incredibility powerful planetary turbolaser, a circular underground missile launch facility surrounds the primary planetary turbolaser emplacement. The facility can hold up to 1,000 assault concussion missiles in 50 separate launch sites (20 missiles a piece); the missiles are specially modified to hit starships & asteroids in planetary orbit and as far out as high orbit.

A WDS is equipped with extremely powerful & long range sensors and communications equipment. It is manned by a Garrison Assignment of the King's Army.

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