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Winterkill was one of the nagai that stayed behind on Nagi when the Tof invaded their home planet, specifically due to his young age. Raised by nagai survivors and freedom fighters, young Winterkill was groomed for stealth, infiltration and assassination. Survival was the only option. His time in a Tof concentration camp has traumatized him in ways beyond his ken. A small group of prisoners managed to escape, but the Tof would not relent. On a fateful day, both Nagai Warriors and mandalorians arrived on Nagi to help liberate them from Tof tyranny and help end their occupation, eventually driving off the invaders. Not long after Nagi joined the Alliance, Winterkill was able to leave his homeworld for the first time and was eventually recruited by Rick Taller of The Mercs.

Professional History

Winterkill learned guerrilla warfare from nagai freedom fighters, but his greater education would come from the mandalorians who assisted in liberating Nagi from Tof occupation.

Traumatic Experiences

The seemingly endless death and killings he experienced as a young freedom fighter during the Tof-Nagi War. Killing another being without remorse and surviving a concentration camp, among many other atrocities.