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Commander Terrel Vacks is Rick Taller's trusty second-in-command (Executive Officer). Serving a similar role with the war hero Taller in Taller's Hell Riders during the Clone Wars, Vacks has served with Rick from their days together at basic training with the Judicials, their service time there, and then into the Clone Wars. Considered The Mercs' hard-nosed Operations Officer & Readiness Officer aboard the Johnny Boy, Vacks also serves as the interim Chief of Security as of 2 BBY.

Like Taller, Vacks came from next-to-nothing on Corellia. He left his mother and two sisters on Corellia to make a better life for himself (and for them) in the Judicial Forces. Like any other wide-eyed young man, he got lost in the excitement of it all and soon his service paychecks going back to his family were all that his family ever heard from the young Vacks. As months stretched into years and years into more years, he fell out of touch with his biological family on Corellia. His new family became the Judicials he served with and when the Clone Wars ended and he went home to see his family (when the paychecks kept getting mysterious returned to him)---he found out that all of his family had died during a armed robbery months prior, near the end of the Clone Wars.

Vacks prefers the A-180 Blaster Pistol, which he can easily convert to different configurations when equipped to do so. He carries a phrik forged boot knife in his right boot and a vibroblade across the small of his back on the back of his belt.