Paradoxical Echoes Wiki


The Tempest is a modified ILH-KK Citadel-class Civilian Cruiser, used by The Mercs, the ship resembles a similar misleading exterior as the Millennium Falcon. The exterior hull armor is Duralloy, while the ship's systems & reactor core have both been upgraded to enhance their capabilities by the Corporate Sector Authority. Of interesting note is the Tempest's long range communications & sensors and diverse weaponry, including Twin forward laser cannons (mounted on wings, able to rotate 360 degrees), 2 short-range quad turbolaser turrets (see K-Wing; one turret dorsal before tail towards bow, one turret ventral before tail), 1 concussion missile launcher (ventral, behind cockpit), and 1 tractor beam (ventral, before tail towards bow).

A landing ramp deploys from under the cockpit, the port & starboard wings swing forward (and the ventral wing collapses upwards into 3 parts) as 5 sets of 2 landing gear---2 rear port & starboard, 1 under cockpit---deploy for landing. The internal cargo bay is large enough to fit the Bad Guy, 4 Flare-S Swoops, and upwards of 14 personnel. The starship also has two external docking mounts for 2 G-400's, which are modified with 2 additional twin-blaster cannons (1 pair in each wing) and an upgraded reactor core to support the additional weaponry.

The crew consists of 1 pilot, 1 Navigator (co-pilot), and 1 Weapons Officer; the shuttle always carried 4 ECT B1 Battle Droids.