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Commander Steven Quell is the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Aggressor's Executive Officer and is known as a by-the-book Imperial Officer. Quell takes up a considerable amount of time as the acting-captain of the Star Destroyer, as Captain Xavier Kyte---the Commanding Officer---is oftentimes with the Moff Ardus Kaine as the Moff's aide-de-camp. Despite Kyte's oftentimes absence, Quell has a great amount of respect for his commanding officer and finds their working relationship together beneficial to his under-the-radar approach to moving up the chain of command, where his own ambitions are soothed by the comfort of his assignment.

A resourceful and cautious officer, Quell is careful to not show all of his cards to an enemy. While this allows him the element of surprise against his foe in a battle, it has also drawn unflattering comparisons to Rear Admiral Kendal Ozzel, as at times he is too cautious and he misses the tactical opportunity because of his lack of aggression to push the moment at hand. Despite his flaws, Quell's by-the-book approach to command ensures any ship he commands is ran to the T on Imperial standards and this allows his crews to be better trained & equipped then your average Imperial crew.

A career military man from Carida, Quell is married to his wife, April, and has two children (Steven Jr., age 4, and Luke, age 2).