Staff Sergeant George Ito is part of the Imperial Navy Troopers and has been assigned to the Darkest Night for almost the entirety of his career. In the later years of his career, George was assigned the first shift hours (7am to 7pm) as one of the 18 sentries for the Command Quarters; in specific, George guards the turbolift heading to the bridge from the Command Quarters. Because of his positioning, he knows all of the Senior Staff Officers & Command Officers on a first name basis and most of their families very well.

A former Judicial and veteran of the Clone Wars, the Galactic Empire accepted four of his ten years to the Grand Republic's Judicial Department towards his seventeen years with the Imperial Navy. With 21 years in total with the Empire (and 27 years total in the military), George is getting ready to retire from the Imperial Military come 2 BBY and go travel the galaxy with his wife Sophie and watch his daughter Julie off to college, while their son Robert starting high school.

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