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The SG-4 All Environment Assault Rifle was a proposed, designed, and later discarded blaster rifle (as the SG-4 Blaster Rifle) developed by the Imperial Department of Military Research for the Aquatic Assault Stormtrooper. It is largely unknown why the Imperial research branch discarded the designs and equally unknown how or when the House of Royal Intelligence came into possession of the designs via the Dixon-William Files.

Whatever the reasons, however, the Maritime Ops Trooper of the Maritime Force utilizes the SG-4 All Environment Assault Rifle as their primary weapon. Naval Reconnaissance Troopers also utilize the weapon.

The SG-4 All Environment Assault Rifle is manufactured by Hudson-Xavier Technologies.


The Kingdom of Jod version of the SG-4 All Environment Assault Rifle is a beauty of a weapon that, despite its cost and technological advancements in it's detachable box magazine, is a very basic rifle design that can take a lot of punishment and still work. It is that simple design and rugged characteristic that keeps the SG-4's high cost a bearable sacrifice, knowing that the weapon can be easily maintained and fixed, let alone be extremely reliable to work in the most difficult of circumstances.

Imperial Design vs Jod Design

It should be noted that the Kingdom of Jod version through Hudson-Xavier Technologies (HXT) is over four times the price of the 400 Imperial Credits, coming out at a staggering 2,100 Jod Coin Standard. This high cost, however, is mostly due to:


The SG-4 can fire flechette projectiles under water and Red Rock Encased Projectile Type 2 rounds out of water (both settings on single, triple, or auto fire), switching between in the two with a switch on the SG-4. The rifle also features an ascension gun directly under the barrel and built into the barrel grip itself.