Reen grew up with her older brother Jec and step-mother Alais. Her father was a private security contractor who disappeared when she was little. Reen was born during the Invasion of Naboo when the Galactic Republic began to suffer from all the political gridlock. She was 12 when the governing body reformed into the Galactic Empire.

After their step-mother almost overdosed, Jec convinced Reen to run away with him and join the crime syndicate based on their home planet. She was eventually discovered by an Imperial recruiter and brought to the academy on Mandalore, where a promising student named Sabine had just abandoned her post.

Professional History

Reen has a fairly basic life outside her military career. A music lover and dancer, she sometimes will let loose during shore leave, luring suckers to buy her free drinks before losing them in a crowd. Although her departure from Dark Nebula Squadron was a black eye on her service record, she still has the trust and loyalty of most of the pilots there.

Traumatic Experiences

Deep bitterness towards her father who still hasn't been confirmed dead, though she was certain he was. She even hacked his former security firm and found that even their archives stated C. G'Spaugh as officially missing in action. Her duty is to the Empire, but she deep down she wants to find his remains so she can move on from his ghost.

Player / Character Information

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