The Commanding Officer's Ready Room aboard the Darkest Night was specially designed & tailored for the tastes of Commodore Peter Englewood. Such a honor was given to the Commodore during the Star Destroyer's Later Design & Refit (5 BBY to 4 BBY) in honor of the Commodore's service during Operation Foothold (9 to 8 BBY) & Operation Immediate Rescue (8 BBY to 7.10 BBY).

The Ready Room offered only the very best the Empire had to offer; a Wrodian Carpet decorated the floor, while gentle-flowing colors of various shades of brown, black, & green Greel Wood made-up the main desk and circular coffee table by the window. Corellian Hardwood---dense, thickly-veined dark red wood---made up the primary desk chair, while the two guest chairs were made out of light-weight (reinforced) Cosian Wood in a lighter red-brown color. All three chairs featured back & bottom cushions made out of black Meelweekian Silk, while the same black silk covered the bench seat running along the length of the window in the Ready Room.

The walls, from top to bottom, were made of Japor Ivory Wood, while the viewports were transparisteel & had the ability to automatically polarize, as well as having protective blast covers that could cover the windows during combat or automatically lock down in place to keep the ship pressurized in case the window was knocked out (the window railing was made of the same type of transparisteel construction, minus the polarizing and blast cover shielding affects).

Various exotic plants were on available shelving, while Englewood's personal collection of his military awards, a picture of his parents and a picture of his sister, child, & wife were on the shelf behind the desk in the corner, along with a old wood sailing warship replica. To the right of the desk (if your sitting at it) is a mini refrigerator on the floor (built into the wall), with a fish tank with various exotic fish & sea creatures from around the galaxy built into the wall above the refrigerator.

The desk itself had several secured & locked cabinets under the desk for document storage, while the top of the desk had a main computer---that could interact with the Star Destroyer's systems---to the right of the seat (towards the refrigerator) and a mini-interactive holo communication device on the left side of the desk.

This Imperial Navy crest & motto in red was built into the wall behind & above the desk.

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