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The Prison World of Alkine Nine is a super-maximum prison space station surrounding the small moon Alkine Nine, a dead world & rogue planet. Its location is somewhere along the fringe borders of the Kingdom of Jod, most likely somewhere in the Northern Stretch, although the precise location is heavily classified.

The worse of the worse of the Kingdom of Jod's criminals are housed on the remote prison station. No starships of any kind---not even escape pods---are available at the prison. All food, supplies, and personnel are flown in on transports only once a year. Prison guards do 12 month rotations with the warden & senior officers doing 24 months. Enough food, water, fuel, and energy is stored at the prison for 4 years, which is resupplied to full every 12 month rotation. The only way in & out of the station is through a single small hanger bay, which is heavily guard around the clock, despite no transportation means stored in the hanger.

The prison personnel comprise of 80,696 prison staff, of that, 20,174 are Naval Guards (a full Division) acting as prison guards with His Majesty's Infantry providing an additional full infantry regiment of 1,159 additional personnel for added defense & security of the station's most secured areas. An army of 100,000 Security Battle Droids & 200 Q-series Droideka assisted in prison guard duties and station defense respectfully. Additionally, to keep the station as locked down and secret as possible, energy use is rationed and was usually set to minimal life support levels at night time, while a noise restriction policy was also put into effect the same time every night.

The prison holds upwards of 400,000 prisoners.