The PECA Inspection Office (PIO) is at every spaceport on every world---as well as every civilian space station---within the Kingdom of Jod, either that be a Major World, Minor World, or Backwater World (Military Worlds do not have PIOs). It is run by the Planetary Enforcement & Customs Agency (PECA); each PIO enforces PECA's mandates. PIOs work very closely with Interplanetary Bureau of Services (IBS) personnel to accomplish their goals.

Some PIOs on forgettable Backwater Worlds or rundown space stations can be little more than a office with a noisy fan or two, a handful of office desks, and roughly 3 to 7 personnel. Other PIOs can be as extensive as several dozen people on two or more floors, complete with scales, high-end scanning equipment, and other tools of the trade. A fully equipped PIO at a single major spaceport on a Major World can have upwards of 20 Interplanetary Bureau of Services personnel---3 personnel each for IBOA, IBOS, IBOV, and IBOW, with 2 Interplanetary Bureau of Services Police (IBSP) for each Interplanetary Bureau)---and 500 Planetary Enforcement & Customs Agency personnel, as well as dozens upon dozens of PIM Dock Droids.

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