An Outpost is designed for remote areas of the Kingdom of Jod, chiefly areas with difficult terrain or areas where a large amount of troops is either unnecessary or tactically unsound. An Outpost holds a Platoon of 44 troops from the King's Army, which are required to fend for themselves with 3 Light Tactical Reconnaissance Vehicles, 1 Light Tactical Reconnaissance Vehicle (Fire Model, 3 personnel), 12 months worth of food & supplies, a water well, and underground power core.

Despite its appearance, the buildings are made of steelstone, while the wooden palisade, guard towers, and both gatehouses are made with titanium cores wrapped with veshok wood. The Outpost does come equipped with 3 single-occupant underground prison cells, as well as 2 Heavy Duel Anti-Materiel/Anti-Personnel .50 Caliber Cannons, 1 in each guard tower, and 2 Anti-Personnel Rotary Cannons, 1 in each gatehouse.

Equipped with an array of communications and sensors, the Outpost does have the capability of sending communications deep into outer space.

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