Shuttle Pilot

Suits of the Shuttle Pilot, Navy Shuttle Gunner, and Tac-SenCom Engineering Technicians.

Navy Shuttle Gunners are gunners attached to the Delta-class JV-7 Escort Shuttle and the GR-75 Medium Transport of the Starfighter Corps. Specifically trained for their shuttles or transports & to work in a team with both Shuttle Pilots & Tac-SenCom Engineering Technicians, these gunners are deadly against any foe.

Navy Shuttle Gunners are either recruited from washouts in Flight School or are specifically trained at a selected 3 of the 18 Naval Technical Colleges. They must first pass the Navy Pilot Corps Shuttle & Starship Gunner Exam before starting training, which lasts 3 months. One month of academic instruction & book instruction, while another two months is dedicated to hands-on training.

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