She grew up on Carratos the daughter of an Imperial official father and musician mother. Her father expected the best from her, to excel in all her classes, mandating that she study rigorously and do her school work before any recreation. He was stern and didn't allow her any breaks when it came to slacking off in school, she was to become a productive member of Imperial society. Where he was a little lax was in her personal appearance, mostly at his wife's insistence. This allowed her to get away with her tattoo and her piercings and hair dye when she was younger.

Many nights she would study to the sound of her mother playing the Viol, one of the few joys in her and her father's life. He said that after a long day, it helped him feel human again. It gave Natalia an appreciation for music and her mother. While she would have loved to solely study music, her father had other plans. He had her focus on astronavigation and information technologies, stating that those skills were always necessary and sought out by the Empire.

This didn't necessarily make her father a tyrant but, more a monarch that listened to others in the household but, always had the final say. He did let her take music lessons from her mother but, only after her coursework was completed and check by him.

With her rigorous study habits and keen mind, Natalia was able to graduate from her academy well ahead of time, moving straight into technical school where she focused on astronavigation and computer science. The regime her father had instituted came with her there as well, being that she still lived at home during her attendance.

Her dedication and diligence made her top of her class and watched by many local Imperial higher ups. When she graduated she was approached by the Imperial Navy to join as a Navigational Officer. Her father strongly encouraged her to take the job. More for his own sense of pride than the opportunity for his daughter. She was tempted by the access to all the latest technology.

Professional Life

She's moved from ship to ship and can remember the names of each of the vessels but, not the people.

Traumatic Experiences

None really, she's just starting her career in the Navy, and her life back home she'd been protected by her father.

Player / Character Information

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