Used throughout the Jod Military Forces, the Military Security Checkpoint Station (SCS) is an all-weather security checkpoint. While universal throughout the JMF, there are different variations for outdoor & indoor use.

General Characteristics (Indoor Variation)

The Security Checkpoint is designed around 10 Naval Guards or Provost Guards (depending on the branch of use); 9 guards as part of a squad and a singular Security Checkpoint Officer-in-Charge (SCO), typically a Lieutenant-grade Naval Officer or Infantry Officer.

Each checkpoint is a half-circular desk with two monitoring stations (and 2 guards manning them; the SCO stands behind them overseeing all operations of the entire security checkpoint) monitoring sensors, scanner readings, and communications readings. On either side of the desk is a entrance or exit lane linked to the detestation in question; each lane is secured with a lifeform scanner, doppraymagno scanner, neutron scanner, thermographic camera, and weapon detector linked into each walk-through arch. One guard stands on each side of the body scanner with a baton-like portable scanner as well for extra security (in case the scanners picked something up in the walk-through arch). Finally, two guards stand in front of each desk facing towards those wishing to enter and two guard stand facing on the back side of the desk, facing towards those leaving. Ray shields & a retractable titanium security gate can be activated to prevent access through the body scanners or via over the desk in the case of an emergency.

A 10 foot tall (or ground to ceiling, depending on location of security checkpoint) welded wire mesh fence made of titanium is setup on either extreme end of the Security Check Point and runs the entire length until it meets up with a solid wall or other structure to prevent access.

All-Weather Outdoor Variation

Typically reserved for vehicle traffic (with wider & higher walk-through arches), an all-weather outdoor variation includes an enclosed guardhouse over the monitoring stations and between the walk-through arches. The guardhouse has a transparisteel window on all four sides of the house, as well as a single entry/exit blast door in the rear of the building. Additionally, the guardhouse has a refresher inside. Furthermore, four individual occupant guard shacks provide all-weather protection to the four guards standing outside, while the two guards standing beside each walk-through arch typically takes shelter in the main guardhouse.

In addition to the standard ray shields & retractable titanium security gate features over the walk-through arches, vehicle spikes can also be deployed from under the ground into the archway. Lastly, barbed wire fencing sits atop the welded wire mesh fence made of titanium.

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