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A veteran of the Judicial Forces, Republic Navy during the Clone Wars, and Imperial Navy afterwards, the 54 year-old Master Gunnery Chief Xavier Thunderstrike has done it all for 36 years, from ocean-going sailor and sea captain to space crew member, marine, patrol ship and corvette ship captain, and now a Gunnery Officer aboard a Star Destroyer (Darkest Night). A skilled & tactful man, Xavier is a patient & logical man from his years of experience---maybe at times too patient & too logical---for the likes of Chief Sensors Officer Erik Vickers, whom he deems a blowhard with a over sized ego. Despite his vast experience & successes at war, Xavier is oftentimes viewed as a washed up has been when it comes to military officers; however, it is those same experiences & successes that make him a valuable asset to any command crew.

A man destined for the Navy, Xavier possess the rare dual talent of being proficient in ocean-going surface ships and starships alike. His first years with the Judicial Forces was as part of a maritime navy, as well part of his initial duties in the Clone Wars. As the war dragged on, he was transferred to the Starfleet, where he excelled in corvette & frigate tactics, as well as gunnery operations. Towards the end of the war, he was commanding patrol ships & corvettes into daring deep hit-and-run missions against Separatist military assets.

Despite his Clone Wars successes---which he received the Mark of Victory, Crescent of Service, and the Chancellor's Service Medal---Xavier has preferred the quiet oceans to the recycled air of starships. After the Clone Wars, he served another 14 years in the Imperial Maritime Division as both sailor and sea captain, with the next 3 in the Imperial Starfleet; despite military successes, Xavier is a man of tragedy: his first wife & child died during child birth when he was just 20 years old; when he was 27, he lost both of his parents to a terrorist attack (leaving him, his two sisters, and brother alone); when he was 32, his second wife died in the Clone Wars, leaving him a widow with three children; his third wife left him at 47, claiming he was a drunk, just months before he was set to retire from the Imperial Navy (which prompted him to not retire). He lost his brother to suicide when he was 49 (although his two sisters are still alive). Left distressed, lonely, and rudderless as the saying goes, the Navy is the only thing that gives him a rudder to direct life with.