Maritime Naval Ports (MNP) are naval bases that is the Maritime Force's combination of a sea port, submarine pen, shipyard, dry dock, wet dock, fuel depot, and ammunition depot for their Surface Fleet & Deep Fleet. Typically, a MNP encompasses roughly 7,000 acres, the majority of that space be dedicated to building, maintaining, & resupplying ships.

Significant portions of a MNP's infrastructure is underwater---built into the underwater rocky coastline---including several specialized submarine pens, to prevent destruction of the base from strategic bombing or orbital bombardment. Portions of the base above ground are surrounded by a exterior curtain wall---made of steelstone reinforced with titanium cores---with a powerful deflector shield over the base itself. Two Army Forts guard the 2 entrances through the curtain wall, while a third Army Fort is typically positioned along the coastline itself protecting the seaport. Five V-120 Artillery Emplacements are spread along the wall providing further defense (at least 2 of the V-120s are facing out towards the ocean, typically flanking the sea port to either side).

Aside from the Army Fort personnel of 29,985 personnel, the MNP employs an additional 539 (Battalion) Naval Guards to protect its assets, as well as a labor force of over 70,000 laborers, specialists, and other shipbuilding & ship repair experts. An additional 20,000 personnel operate other functions of the base, while an impressive army of 300,000 various types of droids assist in the shipbuilding & repair process. Organic personnel number to 120,524.

A Marine Naval Port can service an entire Surface Fleet by itself, while a single Deep Fleet can be serviced as well underwater at the same time.

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