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The Kingdom of Jod is a mythical fairy-tale story of a spacefaring kingdom with a strange magical home world located in the satellite galaxy of Companion Cresh to the The Galaxy (known as the Outside Galaxy to the Jod). The accepted origins of the Kingdom of Jod is from the collapse of the real-world Red Rock Kingdom in 3,961 BBY, where survivors did a blind Red Space jump with one million Red Rock Kingdom survivors aboard evac ships, freighters, and warships to Companion Cresh.

While no certain facts can be obtained as to the true existence of the Kingdom of Jod, many Spacer stories have made rounds in cantinas across The Galaxy about a species called the Jod who fight for justice and a higher cause & calling than themselves, utilizing a top secret spy organization to control events in the Outside Galaxy to a predestined Prophecy of the Living Force. While intelligence agencies & academic institutions have spent years upon years researching the possibility of a people called the Jod and where their home may be, both the Old Republic & Grand Republic and even the Confederacy of Independent Systems & later the Galactic Empire have all come up emptied handed. Rumors that the Jedi Order made contact with the Kingdom of Jod sometime after the Invasion of Naboo and established a secret treaty have never been substantiated.

While Spacers swear by their stories and even a handful of hardened intelligence agents and academic research teams have claimed to have proof of the Kingdom of Jod, no irrefutable physical evidence has ever been discovered to point to their existence. As such, most serious scholars & intelligence officials dismiss the Kingdom of Jod as a romanticized version of the fallen Red Rock Kingdom surviving its doom.

Despite this reluctance from mainstream intelligence & academic professionals to accept the Jod into the realm of reality, some notable Imperial personnel have taken up the belief that the Jod do exist. These notable individuals include Grand Admiral Thrawn first and foremost, Investigator Hilick Soal, and Commodore Valentino Mazzanti.

Strange New Planet

See: Capital World


Early History (3,961 BBY to 1,768 BBY)

The Kingdom of Jod came into existence, officially, several months after the collapse of the Red Rock Kingdom in 3,961 BBY. A blind Red Space jump---a hyperdrive using Red Rock known as a Red Rock Drive---sent one million Red Rock Kingdom survivors aboard evac ships, freighters, and warships to Companion Cresh, a satellite galaxy of The Galaxy.

The same blind Red Space jump would send the remaining pursing Beast forces there as well and after a tense space battle, Red Rock Kingdom forces would drive the Beasts down to a barren planetary rock known as Arrado. Leaving a small force behind for a while as a picket and advanced alert force, the Red Rock Kingdom survivors would search the Companion Cresh for months until finding a suitable Type One Atmosphere planet, now known as the Capital World.

Historians Argument: Loose Confederation

It has been widely argued by historians that, during this time of battling the Beasts and searching for a new home, the survivors of the Red Rock Kingdom started to either break apart into various desperate mini allegiances as their starships ran low and then out of fuel in search of a new home. Or, it has also been put forward that the survivors formed scouting parties that got lost in Companion Cresh from the main group of survivors (known as The Lost). Most likely, however, it is a combination of both of these events. Regardless of the true turn of events, it is generally agreed upon that the survivors of the Red Rock Kingdom actually survived and lived together in a loose Confederation of various groups from 3,961 BBY until 1,765 BBY in Companion Cresh. Some groups found other Type One Atmosphere planets, some formed asteroid bases, and still others remained on their ships, piecing them together with spare parts and what remaining fuel they had to form floating colonies in space. Some historians even argue several hundred to several thousand survivors decided to crash land their ships on the barren planet known as Arrado they had exiled the Beasts to, deciding to take the risk with the Beasts verses the uncertainties of space and low fuel. Generally speaking, these "outcast" groups from the main group of survivors were known as "The Confederates". The still intact larger group of survivors---which retained most of the surviving nobles---became known as the "Jod".

Over the course of the next 2,196 years, through broken down trade agreements or territorial disputes with their former kin (both the "Jod" and other survivor groups) that had left the main group to begin their own settlements out of desperation, Beasts, and other strange aliens and threats in Companion Cresh, the former Red Rock Kingdom survivors were almost constantly at a state of tension or war just trying to survive.

Historians Argument: Main Group

Withdrawing their picket forces from where the Beasts had landed---and instructing them to take a route that would confuse any enemy scout ships---the main group of Red Rock Kingdom survivors went planet-side to a newly discovered Type One Atmosphere planet.

The planet in reference was a Type One Atmosphere that---like their former home planet of Prime---had similar features (except none of the Red Rock within the planet's mountains). In a strange and unexplored part of the galaxy---not yet knowing they were in Companion Cresh---the survivors made camp planet-side. Knowing that their Red Rock Kingdom vanished over Watava and many more of their group had broke off earlier in small groups in desperation, that they were the only survivors by namesake, a council meeting was called several weeks after planet fall. The topic: what to do now?

It was through several such meetings that it was decided that "Jod"---meaning justice in their ancient founding fathers' tongue of the Red Rock Kingdom---would be formed. With several of the Royal Court aboard the colony ships that landed with them, a government was formed using the same Feudalism system as before. The first King and Queen were selected---as the Royal Family from the Red Rock Kingdom had all but been killed over Watava---through the two most powerful and educational minded Noble Families left. The marriage was far from arranged, as the two selected were lovers to begin with. In time, the colony ships unloaded their priceless supplies and equipment and settlement began.

Despite their new found identity, the "Jod" were far from left alone. Over the course of the next 2,196 years, through broken down trade agreements or territorial disputes with their former kin (jointly called "The Confederates") that had left the main group to begin their own settlements out of desperation, Beasts, and other strange aliens and threats in Companion Cresh, the Jod were almost constantly at a state of tension or war just trying to survive.

Later History: Kingdom of Jod (1,767 BBY to Present)

By 1,767 BBY, the Jod had become the dominant human settlement in Companion Cresh, organizing itself into the modern day Kingdom of Jod. Over the next 2 years, they raged a Holy War to settle the disputes between The Confederates, the threat from the Beasts, and other military, alien, and cultural concerns in Companion Cresh to their sovereignty. By the end of their holy war in 1,765 BBY, the Confederates (most of their holdings destroyed) were part of the Jod, the Beasts were reduced to their exiled world of Arrado, and other threats & species within Companion Cresh were handled.

Generally speaking, the Kingdom of Jod is considered a myth, a tale born out of a scattered few survivors of the Red Rock Kingdom in whom wanted their once legendary Red Rock Kingdom to survive in the minds & hearts of successor generations. While there is ample evidence to support the formation & dissolution of the Red Rock Kingdom, there is no scientific or archaeology evidence to support the existence of the Kingdom of Jod. Despite this lack of evidence, the Kingdom of Jod lives on in children's books & adult comics as guardians of the galaxy from unseen evil forces. Despite this generally warm welcome to the myth, the Kingdom of Jod tale has also generated some less-then-family friendly stories of ships and crews disappearing in space, presumably being captured by the Kingdom of Jod for secret experiments and never to return or, the few that do return, are never the same again.


The territory of the Kingdom of Jod resides in the satellite galaxy known as Companion Cresh, the Jod's territory roughly the size of the Centrality. The Kingdom is surrounded and hidden by a natural defensive barrier known as the Alkine Collision Zone. The only way into the Kingdom directly is by a secret and heavily guarded & secured Red Space point beyond the planet of Belkadan (only ships equipped with a Red Rock Drive can travel the route). A secondary and much more hazardous route is beyond the Bakura System near the Unknown Regions, which was plotted using the Fragments of the Lost Kingdom (unknowingly) thousands of years ago during the days of the Old Republic.

There is no other known way into the Kingdom of Jod, other then the 150,000 light years it takes for space travel to Companion Cresh, although the journey can be shortened by traveling to the Rishi Maze first. Despite this shortened journey, however, it is all but impossible to safely map a journey from the Rishi Maze to Companion Cresh, as a debris field rivaling in complexity that of the Eastern Holes & Northern Stretch combined spans between the two satellite galaxies. Some Jod historians have theorized that the Alkine Collision Zone's debris field actually lay between both Companion Cresh & the Rishi Maze and that both satellite galaxies are actually the joint remains of three smaller galaxies at one point, with the "main impact point" of the missing third satellite galaxy in Companion Cresh (forming the collision zone).

The Kingdom of Jod, including the home world of the Planet of Jod, is included in 637 worlds (61 of which are Major Worlds, 176 are Minor Worlds, 400 are Backwater Worlds, 3 are Restricted Military Worlds, and 8 are Military Worlds). Additionally, 321 moon colonies and 97 asteroid colonies exist in the Kingdom of Jod, such as the Free Jod Colony. Additionally, hundreds of civilian space stations and other space facilities considered to be habitual for civilians are within the Kingdom.

Travel between Worlds

Due to governmental restrictions enforced through the Interplanetary Bureau of Ships, Specifications, and Regulations (IBOS), all civilian space travel was restricted to hyperdrive speeds of no greater then Class 11 (Advanced Piloting Certification License & Flight Papers holders could utilize speeds up to Class 7, while Business Shipping Licenses allowed up to Class 8). Law Enforcement could achieve speeds up to Class 5. Jod Military Forces and government Agencies could achieve Class 4 through Class 1. Select Kingdom's Navy vessels only could utilize Red Space via a Red Rock Drive.

IBOS updated regulations every 3 years through the Ships Regulations, Specifications, Safety, and Travel Standards Handbook (SRT), while maintaining strict adherence to all IBOS rules & regulations through the Interplanetary Bureau of Services Police (IBSP). All Restricted Travel Areas (RTA) were specifically enforced hard by IBOS, IBSP, and the Convoy, Anti-Piracy, Anti-Smuggling, and Patrol Operations (CAPS Ops) of the Kingdom's Navy.

Travel Times

Generally speaking, a starship pilot with an Advanced License can travel the Kingdom of Jod from end to end (East to West) in just over 4 months with a Class 11 Hyperdrive, while South to North is closer to 4 months exactly. A Light-class Destroyer with a Class 1 Hyperdrive, in comparison, can travel those same distances within 1.02 & 1.09 weeks respectfully (while a Red Rock Drive equipped to a King I Configuration-Class Heavy Cruiser can accomplish this task within 2 hours).

The Kingdom's constantly shifting realspace, hyperspace, and Red Space lanes due to navigational hazards are a monthly hassle and emergency hyperspace & Red Space exits due to floating debris and other deep space objects interrupting the lanes are a daily occurrence. Such navigational concerns are handled under IBON (read below); despite the best efforts of IBON, comparing a Class 1 Hyperdrive in the Outside Galaxy to a Class 1 Hyperdrive in Companion Cresh is nearly impossible. This unpredictability of the travel lanes poses not only a risk to the average Jod citizen or business venture during transit, but also provides the Jod Military Forces a key advantage against any invading foe (as an out-of-date IBON star chart, even if by a week, can be deadly).

Hyperspace and Red Space Maintenance & Scouting

The Interplanetary Bureau of Space Navigation, Scouting, and Mapping (IBON) is in charge of maintaining, repairing, and constructing both permanent and temporary realspace, hyperspace, and Red Space shipping & travel routes (they also design and produce all official star charts) within the Kingdom. It is the only civilian Agency that has access to Jod Military Forces records & data to complete its primary function, both for civilians and for the military.

Because of IBON's access to both Agency & Jod Military Forces records (classified or otherwise), their personnel are closely vetted & monitored by the Domestic Intelligence & Defense Agency (DIDA) & House of Royal Intelligence (HRI) throughout their employment and beyond.

Planet to Planet vs System to System

Despite the modern pursuits of the Kingdom of Jod technologically, roughly 69% of all Jod will remain on their planet of birth after the age 18 and aside from pleasure, work, or military travel, will typically stay within their planet's own star system on a month to month basis (roughly 68% of those will make at least by-weekly trips to another nearby star system).

31% of the Jod population is on the move, moving vast distances across the Kingdom on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Political Governance

The seat of power for the Kingdom of Jod rests on the Planet of Jod (Capital World) with the Jod Royal House in the Royal Palace. Nowhere else is the power & might of the Absolute Monarchy on fuller display. Here, the very presence of the monarchy makes even the mightiest tremble in humble fear.

Outside the royal monarchy, the Jod Royal Court manages the wishes & policies of the Royal Palace throughout all the land. The Royal Court is divided into two halves, with the political body resting with the Nobility of Court, while the functional aspects of monarchy life are handled by The Court. The ruling class is generally considered the King's Inner Circle (part of The Court), while the power elite is generally considered the Nobility of Court.

Regions of Power (Grand Duchy)

The Royal Court manages control and power through 7 Grand Duchies (or Regions):

  • Capital World (under the Jod Royal House)
  • Core Region (under the Caron Family---the sole Archduke---and Arfanetti Family, a Grand Duchess)
  • Line Region (under the Tarfa Family, a Grand Duke)
  • Three Jewels Region (under the Fernandez Family, a Grand Duke)
  • Five Planets Region (under the Marchand Family, the Royal Family)
  • Industrial Region (under the Hall Family, a Grand Duke)
  • The Twins Region (under the Lefebre Family, a Grand Duke)

Each of the 5 Grand Dukes (or Grand Duchess) & 1 Archduke oversee the territories within his or her Region (or Grand Duchy). These Grand Dukes are the wealthiest and most powerful people in the Kingdom of Jod. The Archduke is the most powerful of the Grand Dukes and is considered the favorite of the Jod Royal House. The title of Archduke often changes with each Royal Family. The Line Region is traditionally given by the Royal Household to the Archduke as a powerful and useful tool against jealous and scheming Grand Dukes & Dukes who would bring harm against the Royal House. However, under King Alex the "Just", this has not happened, as the Tarfa Family has retained the Line Region since 332 BBY.

Each Grand Duke is responsible for the economical, social, cultural, and military readiness of their respected regions or Grand Duchy.

Multiple Planets or Star Systems (Duchy)

Under the Archduke & Grand Dukes are 19 Dukes & Duchess that manage various planets within the Grand Duchy under their own Duchy. These Dukes or Duchess's could be the Governor of several worlds & moons, or a Governor of one very important planet (with a Sovereign Prince as a Lieutenant Governor). Often times it was the former, as their Duchies oftentimes encompassed several worlds & moons. Dukes & Duchess's are responsible for the economical, social, cultural, and military readiness of their respected planets or Duchy.

Administrative District (Star System)

Every star system within the Kingdom of Jod is assigned as an Administrative District. These 35 different star systems (Administrative Districts) are overseen by a individual Marquess for each (or 35 Marquess). Often times refereed to as Administrators, these Marquess's are tasked with keeping their star systems financially, culturally, and socially balanced, as well as militarily ready in times of war. Often times viewed with disdain even by their fellow nobles, Marquess are often associated with operational efficiency & performance management.

Unlike the Grand Duchies & Duchies in which they serve within, Marquess report directly to the Jod Royal House, bypassing the traditional lines of communication, and also have direct control over the System Garrison. While Marquess maintain offices on the primary planet in a star system, they also maintain a small military staff to advise on military issues & a business staff to assist in day-to-day operations, as well as personal bodyguards, typically a infantry platoon (standard) of 42 soldiers (His Majesty's Infantry) for 24/7 protection (8 soldiers per 12 hour shift). Marquess do have authority to use their bodyguards for local raids & other operations such as criminal arrests as needed but, more often then not, they call upon the System Garrison for such needs.

Serving a double role as loyalty officers in function, Marquess are greatly mistrusted by the Grand Dukes & Dukes in which they serve under. Despite this, Marquees are granted the protection of the Jod Royal House and such a position---more often then not---is oftentimes a necessary steppingstone to becoming a Duke or Duchess.

Marquess are furthermore given special access to both Jod Military Force & House of Royal Intelligence resources & assets to investigate, retain, and/or restore order to a star system. Often considered math wizards & resource hawks, Marquess are able to quickly spot irregularities in import & export of goods, use of local resources and manpower, and/or the manipulation or criminal interference of financial assets to a star system.

Planetary Governorship

Under the Dukes & Duchess are Sovereign Princes , who hold a single Planetary Governorship (with a Earl or Count as a Lieutenant Governor). These can include major worlds, smaller planets, and moons. A Sovereign Prince is often times the heredity offspring of a Duke or Duchess, adopted child to the Duke or Duchess, or a person personally selected by the Duke or Duchess.

Often times, if the offspring of a Duke or Duchess is not deemed worthy---which is often the chase with astute Dukes & Duchess's---then the hundreds of thousands of various Earls, Counts / Countess and Viscounts are next in line for such an honor.

Sovereign Princes report to the Dukes & Duchess' for whom their world is under, ensuring their planet's individual economical, social, cultural, and military readiness of their respected planet meets the standards to which the Duke or Duchess has set.

Hundreds of thousands of various Earls, Counts / Countess, and Viscounts serve under the 121 Sovereign Princes' planetary governorships, managing various Cities, Towns, and Villages as a Mayor within the planets. These population centers are oftentimes groups into Shires.

The political battlefield among these lower-ranked nobles to reach even higher ranks (such as Sovereign Prince) is particularly brutal with assassination attempts not out of reason for those craving power and fame and a need to rise to the top.


A Shire controls a large area of land on a planet and typically includes villages, towns, and cities; some Shires can encompass hundreds of thousands of miles, while others as little as 30 square miles. Shires are overseen by an Earl. The Earl reports to the planetary Sovereign Prince. Shires have the right to raise their own Militia Forces.


Cities are generally considered the capital of a Shire or one of several large population centers (cities) of a very large Shire; with the largest typically being the capital city of the Shire. Typically the most important city on the whole planet is reserved as the Planet's Capital. A Count or Countess is considered the City Mayor and oversees its daily operation. A Viscount may also rise to the level of a City Mayor.

Town or Village

Viscounts are the lowest class of Noble (above that of Lord) with official government authority and non-hereditary in nature. Besides accounting for most high administrative positions & judiciary posts, Viscounts are also eligible for Mayor positions of towns & villages.

Privately Held Lord Land

Privately held land or PHLL (Privately Held Lord Land) is land privately owned by a very small or low ranking noble refereed to as a Lord (most times, such land does not exceed 4,000 acres). Oftentimes, PHLL is associated with a Lord of the Manor, which operates independently from, but within the context of, higher government authority.

Society & Culture

With the shadow of the Jod Royal House (absolute monarchy) and Jod Royal Court (power elite & ruling class) over Jod life, the people of the Kingdom live in a society & culture dominated by Middle Ages and Early Modern Period norms & fashion, while the day-to-day civil government and military are dominated by American Civil War & American Frontier ideologies. However, the Progressive-Traditional-Continuity Military Doctrine & Military Modernization Program has given the Jod Military Forces a modern focus in force application & direction since 10 BBY.

Throughout the entire Kingdom, these social & cultural expectations are driven by the Capital World's environmental & time restrictions. While by no means does this restrict the Jod Military Forces from fielding a modern military force, it has put the preference for a slower, more meaningful day-to-day relationship with fellow Jod in civilian society, ensuring that the Jod are one of the most civilized people in both Companion Cresh and the The Galaxy. While landspeeders & airspeeders are common sights outside of the Capital World, they are still supplemented by a healthy supply of hot air balloons & airships and steam Locomotives & horse and buggy (paid stagecoaches, mud-wagons, etc). Moreover, while modern cities sprawl across Major Worlds, Minor Worlds, and Backwater Worlds outside of the Capital World, expect also a modern intermixing of Capital World-like buildings & structures.

Recent Civil Unrest (10 BBY to Present)

Civil unrest has risen in recent years with the end of Royal Order 2-9-7 in 3 BBY. While most historians point to King Alex the "Just"'s social reforms---such as his fundamentalist views on the Church of Jod (and curbing the church's political power), his traditionalist values that lead to a more in touch with a romanticized version of the past (in regards to the Kingdom of Jod), and the Mandatory Service Commitment in 30 BBY---as the beginning of civil unrest among the younger generations (at least in a limited capacity), almost all historians universally point to Royal Order 2-9-7 of 10 BBY as the "tipping point" and its devastating consequences on the younger generations (which many argue gave rise to both The Cause & Free Jod Colony).


The Jod Military Forces (JMF) protects the Kingdom from outside aggressors beyond the Alkine Collision Zone with the Beasts & Outside Galaxy and internal threats, such as the Free Jod Colony and The Cause.

Despite a somewhat backward and self-defeating military for decades due to the scandals of the Jod Royal Court, the JMF has maintained a level of excellence and adaptability to any foe few other military organizations could ever match. With the rise of King Alex the "Just" to the throne in 32 BBY, the newly crowned monarch quickly got to work in modernizing and equipping the military to meet the needs of the people, not the needs of a corrupt, bloated government. Starting with the Mandatory Service Commitment (MSC) to bolster the JMF's ranks in 30 BBY and creating the Military Office of Inspector General to Personnel Usage & Accountability (IGP) to streamline the JMF into an effective fighting force, the king then pivoted to Operation Timber (20.5 BBY to 10 BBY) against his own government and military officials (as well as corrupt clergy within the Church of Jod and business leaders in the private sector) spearheaded by the ruthless House of Royal Intelligence (HRI), which ended with the Military Modernization Program (MMP) in 10 BBY and Royal Order 2-9-7 to keep the military on par or better equipped than any known foe.

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