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Keth Dotch is a TIE Pilot attached to Bad Love Squadron. A gambler & rogue, his behavior has suited his natural flight skills as a starfighter pilot poorly, rendering him prone to repeated disciplinary action (and repeated reassignments, eventually landing him with Bad Love as a "last chance"). Despite his status as a near-human (and not fully human), the Zabrak male has proven time & again that he can go toe-to-toe with the best human TIE pilots and beat them in training. Despite his status as an triple-ace with 16 kills, his behavior has overshadowed that accomplishments and his latest demotion from major (squadron leader) to captain (flight lieutenant) and his current posting is evident of that overshadowing.

A proficient martial artist and gunslinger, Dotch has his eyes set on smuggling & mercenary work once he leaves the Imperial Starfighter Corps. Keth has no particular love for the Rebel Alliance, despite his species' strong association with the militant group, and prefers to be a constant rogue against society norms wherever he goes, which may explain his choosing of the Empire over the Rebels in defiance of his people.

Why Dotch remains in the Empire is unclear, especially considering he's spending more time looking at retrofitted & illegally modified YT-series light freighters these days for sale, then he is actually paying attention to his job as a TIE Pilot.