The primary fighter-starfighter of the Jod Military Forces & used by the Starfighter Corps until 5 BBY, the Jump Fighter Mk 4 (JF4)---introduced in 35 BBY by Jump Aerospace Systems, replacing the earlier Jump Fighter Mk3---is the last of a long line of the Jump Fighter Series going back 150 years. Completely outdated by over two decades when compared to starfighters from The Galaxy, the JF4 nonetheless is more than capable against pirates, smugglers, and minor planetary governments. When in the hands of a Jod Fighter Pilot, however, the JF4 is a deadly force against any foe, big or small.

Relatively modest in performance, the Jumps as pilots call them, are designed for fighter-attacker duties. Jumps are equipped with value rate deflector shields, encased in durasteel, armed with two wing-tipped laser cannons, and equipped with two concussion missile launchers under the belly of the craft (carrying 6 missiles total). They can be armed with two concussion bombs as well or a drop tank for extra fuel as well, depending on mission needs. The fighter also comes standard with Chaff & Flares.

With the introduction of the Bounce Interceptor & FAIR Raptor-class Fighter in 5 BBY, the Jump has been slated to be replaced completely by 0 ABY with the Bounce and any remaining Jumps to be held in reserve or for training purposes until 10 ABY, where it will be officially retired after 45 years of service. Currently, the JF4 is still used aboard starships (although their use is quickly becoming less & less), while most of the aging starfighters have been regulated to forgotten outposts, space stations (under the Planetary Defense Force until 5 ABY), and used primarily as a defensive fighter for planetary defense or facility defense.

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