Based off what the names implies---the Jump Fighter Mk 4---Jump Bases were used by the Starfighter Corps and were designed to be small, hidden, and placed in areas of critical importance, often along important hyperspace routes, protecting planets, colonies, and other smaller operations with critical political & economical ties to the Kingdom of Jod. With the pending replacement of the Jump Fighter Mk 4 and the introduction of the Bounce Interceptor, FAIR Raptor-class Fighter, and BTL-S8 K-Wing Assault Starfighter, the role of the Jump base has expanded from local threats in a fuel-to-time distance area of operations to a combination of local and more interplanetary threats with the introduction of the hyperdrive on both the Raptor-class & K-Wing starfighters, as well as including elite special forces units.

Typically, a Jump Base will include a handful of barracks, auxiliary buildings, and other need-based structures that are three levels---1 top side level and two hardened underground bunker levels----and that are typically modified to blend in with the local natural environment to reduce visual detection. Further examples of this would be military camouflage, building paint, and structures built to look like rocks covered with moss or other local physical features. Oftentimes, such bases would be built into the side of mountains.

Typically, a Jump Base numbers between 236 and 249 personnel. In today's Jod Military Forces, a Jump Base included the following:

Base Personnel

Shuttles & Starfighters


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