Inspection & Certification Ship Stations (ICS) are part of the Interplanetary Bureau of Ships, Specifications, and Regulations (IBOS); a civilian government agency specializing in law enforcement, ICS enforces the context of the Ship Regulations, Specifications, Safety, and Travel Standards Handbook (SRT). Ship captains & freighter businesses are required to check their vessels into a ICS location every 2 years for inspections. Failure to do so or repeated infractions of the SRT will result in ICS personnel turning a person or business over to the Interplanetary Bureau of Services Police (IBSP) for further action.

Clerks handle processing of persons & businesses at a ICS location, while technicians handle inspections. ICS locations vary greatly in size & capability, with some locations being so small as to only accept three shuttles at a time (and being on a backwater planet in the middle of nowhere), while other ICS locations are in the heart of industrial, business, & social life and are miniature shipyards in and of themselves around a planetoid or even their own space station.

All spaceports and shipyards---regardless of their size---are required to have some short of Inspection & Certification Ship Station, even if that ICS location is little more then a office, refresher, and work bay barely large enough to fit a single shuttle.

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