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The Hunk of Junk was a slightly modified & rare (only one of 10) Gray Tiger YT-1930 Transport. During a mission with The Mercs, Jim Palso stole the starship from a private collector in the Corporate Sector (who had an original Gray Tiger YT-1930----hardly ever piloted---serial number #553 of 10 Gray Tigers ever made). A retired Corellian Engineering Corporation executive, the collector had maintained the vessel in pristine condition, both interior, exterior, and operationally.

Gray Tiger Model

The model was designed as a limited edition for buyers with the galactic credits to afford it (262,000 credits, new), with the focus on a client's unique traveling needs, including 2 engine boosting system sublight engines, military-grade hull armor & additional laser cannons, as well as an exceptional sensor suite, better fuel cell efficiency, and a upgraded Class 1 hyperdrive. The limited edition model also featured a open cargo lift descending & raising from the port "cargo bay", with the cargo bay converted into a miniature hanger bay, while the port "freezer" was converted into a miniature workshop. The remodel of the port cargo bay & port freezer included a custom-built RGC-18 Landspeeder modified with a all-terrain repulsorlift system and upgraded sensors & communications and two retractable blaster cannons (one each on the inside trek between the engine and main fuselage of the stabilizing wings); additionally, a single BARC Speeder (with optional attached sidecar upgraded with a 270 degree angle rotating capability with a single Mark II EWHB-10) was also in the port cargo bay with upgraded sensors & communications. These vehicle addditions and special modifications were done by SoroSuub Corporation & Aratech Repulsor Company respectfully with a contract with the Corellian Engineering Corporation on the Gray Tiger models only.

Serial Number #553 was one of only 10 Gray Tiger YT-1930's equipped with a duramentium & condensed-matter composite structural frame, titanium-reinforced alusteel hull, GA21 Shield Generator, ANq-51 Sensor Array Computer (and signal jammer) & military-grade rectenna (installed port saucer behind the cockpit), 2 twin medium laser cannons (equipped with two remote controlled weapon stations in the cockpit for both turrets---although both laser cannon turrets could be controlled manually from within the turrets themselves), 1 tractor beam projector, 1 landing claw, specialized sublight engines that could take either Clouzon-36 Fuel or Malastarian Fuel during refueling (also, upgraded fuel cells for better fuel efficiency & a RR-51 Chem Injector Suite), 2 E3-standard Starship Lifeboats & 2 Model CEC Class-1's (one stored next to each E-3), and a gray hull with yellow stripes, earning these 10 ships the unique title of "Gray Tigers".

The special Gray Tiger model is a highly sought after private collector item, as there are so few of them. Each vessel has a steel silver plaque with its serial number & production date under it's number on the starboard side of the cockpit, just under the transparisteel viewports. The plaque is stylized on the right with the Corellian Engineering Corporation's abbreviated CEC.


The cockpit features the following:

  • Pilot seat to the left
  • Co-pilot seat to the right
  • Engineering & Damage Control to the left (behind the pilot seat)
  • Navigational & Communications to the right (behind the co-pilot's seat).

The co-pilot's seat and engineering & damage control seat have both been upgraded with the remote controlled weapon stations for the turrets as well.

Interior Aesthetics

The interior of the Gray Tiger Model is essentally a aesthetics copy of Lando's Millennium Falcon with the black flooring, white walls, yellow-and-black chairs, and crisp look with smooth transitions and rounded edges around the entirety of the starship. The pilot & co-pilot seats have been upgraded and feature black-and-yellow Lexiaus Beast leather, while the utility chairs around the starship (Engineering & Damage Control, Navigational & Communications, Computer Access Station, Engineering Station) featured the Lando-style yellow, but with Corellian leather.

The chair in the captain's cabin features black-and-yellow Lexiaus Beast leather as well, while the captain's bunk and three double bunks feature yellow Meelweekian Silk sheets with a black elastex blanket to keep warmth in the coldness of realspace, while the bed frames themselves were black (as were the rooms' black floors) and the walls & ceilings were white.

It was clear someone liked Lando Calrissian's style when designing the limited run "Gray Tiger" model or---true to Lando's style---that conman somehow wiggled his way onto the Corellian Engineering Corporation production team for the starship design.


The gray hull with yellow stripes earns the 10 starships of the unique "Gray Tiger" Model line their name.

Upgrades with Jim Palso

After acquiring the vessel, Jim Palso did very few upgrades; the upgrades he did, however, were maximized for effect.

Belkadan Moon Monastery

While at the Belkadan Moon Monastery, Palso did the bulk of his major upgrades, using his contracted payday with The Mercs over Maryo to supplement his trading away of existing equipment with the Gray Tiger to get newer or different equipment.

Trading away Serial Number #553's reactor core, he replaced it with a new YT-2400 Power Core with the left-over difference in Imperial Credits, while doing the same with installing 2 twin barreled Tomral RM-76 Heavy Laser Cannons (replacing the 2 twin medium laser cannons); although he had to stretch a game of sabacc to earn enough credits for the complete set of new heavy laser cannons. He further bet all in on an additional round of sabacc to earn him 2 ST2 Concussion Missile Tubes he would later install (under & behind the cockpit, ventral side).

Later Upgrades

Much later in the Hunk of Junk's operational life, the central control computer known as Alfred would be installed and boost its navigational & system capabilities dramatically.