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H-1ME Battle Mechanic Droid; original design & story is credited to H-1ME Battle Mechanic Droid (Wookieepedia).

The H-1ME Battle Mechanic Droid is a Repair Droid used by the Jod Military Forces in the Kingdom of Jod. The droid is utilized for repairing shuttles & starfighters in the Space Navy Force and Starfighter Corps, as well as aboard several limited Motorized Armor vehicles (despite the strong objections of Army Command, being overruled by High Military Command). The droids can fit into a tool box and can be used while a vehicle or vessel is in flight; designed for emergency repairs, one H-1ME droid comes standard with each Bounce Interceptor, FAIR Raptor-class Fighter, BTL-S8 K-Wing Assault Starfighter, Delta-class JV-7 Escort Shuttle, Eta-class Shuttle, and TX-130 Elite Saber-class Fighter Tank. The droid was introduced in 5 BBY.

The droid is immensely popular with the Jod Military Forces as a whole and other branches in the JMF have requested the droid be added to their repair inventory. Designed & built by SeeFuture Shipwrights (SFS), the droid can communicate in Droidspeak, and is the company's most sold product & is a huge financial success for SFS.