The Guardian-class Battle Station (GBS) is a uniquely built battle station by Jod Defense Engineering Shipwrights---able to be bought by the Jod Military Forces only---and operated by the Orbital Station & Deep Space Station Corps (ODS) of the Kingdom of Jod. While considered the primary defensive mainstay of the Guardian Orbital Defensive System (GODS) around the Capital World, it is nonetheless found around Companion Cresh protecting critically important assets to the Jod Military Forces.

Armed for war, the GBS is a truly terrifying sight for any unlucky soul attacking the Kingdom of Jod.

Structural Frame, Armored Hull, and Deflector Shields

No expense was spared on the Guardian-class Battle Station, the station's cost and design being a precursor to the later King II-class Battlecruiser protections.

Structural Frame

The Guardian's structural (skeleton) frame is made with duramentium & condensed-matter composite, while the bridge, engines, fuel cells storage, hangers, naval magazine, reactor core, and vertical launch tubes are all encased in an extra layer of a duralloy-reinforced shell.

To note, the reactor core is furthermore reinforced with doonium & dolovite under the duralloy shell, as well a layer (both interior & exterior) of Ketrian Altronel's Alloy. Quadranium and Ketrian Altronel's Alloy (interior & exterior) provided additional protection to the fuel cells under the duralloy shell.

Armored Hull

The battle station is designed with a double hull; both the exterior second hull and interior first hull is designed with quadanium steel.

Deflector Shields

The station is equipped with a redundant deflector shield system, spreading the system across 4 Deflector Shield Generators housed at the top of the four spires; these shield generators constitute the very top of the spires (the antenna arrays atop the spires are separate from the deflector shields and are used for communication). Despite their exposed position across the battle station, they are nonetheless heavily armored, with triple thick quadanium steel armor and the generators themselves encased in a duralloy-reinforced shell under the armor, making their destruction extremely difficult. When one generator is destroyed, another one takes it's place across the grid.

The destruction of at least 3 generators would put too much of a strain on the overall remaining generators and force the operators to isolate their deflector zones to specific areas around the remaining generators. But the deflector shields remain relatively strong with just 2 generators operational.


The GBS is equipped with:

Primary Armament

Secondary Armament

Other Armament

Docking Bays

The Guardian-class is equipped with 4 Docking Bays:

  • 1 Docking Bay for Repairs, Refueling, and Re-supplying various starships up to a single King II-class Battlecruiser in size (takes up the whole docking bay) or multiple smaller starships
  • 1 Docking Bay for Shuttles & Transports
  • 2 Docking Bays for Starfighters (opposite each other on the station)

It should be noted that each Docking Bay is equipped to dock, repair, and refuel a single Cessation II-class Cruiser & 18 PB-950 Patrol Boat X-3s, allowing the station to launch one of the cruisers and its patrol boats from each docking bay in case another one of the bays is disabled.


Complement included:


Shuttles & Transports



Security Force

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