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The Great Droid Death in 30 BBY was a King Alex the "Just"-ordered destruction of all Old Class Droids (OCD) in the Kingdom of Jod, as a response to the Droid Crisis of 33 BBY. Droids owned by private Jod citizens, private companies, public companies, and even 90% of all OCDs in both government Agencies and the Jod Military Forces were destroyed and their parts melted in massive industrial furnaces. What few OCDs that remained with the government & military (10% for both) were put into long term storage at classified sites for study, spare parts, and as a ready reserve in emergencies.

The Great Droid Death of 30 BBY left a mark on several in the Kingdom of Jod, both for the better and the worse. Two activism groups, the Free the Droids Movement and Jods Against Droid Violence, grew from the Great Droid Death---while in general---Bias Against Droids in the Kingdom of Jod only grew for the average Jod citizen. Newly trained Droid Hunters of the Droid Enforcement & Safety Agency (DES) tracked down and destroyed rogue OCDs from the Great Droid Death, as well as arrest those owners who still had an OCD.

The New Class Droid rose from the ashes of the Great Droid Death in 28 BBY.