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There are 3 General Mess Halls (GenMess) aboard Imperial I and Imperial II-class Star Destroyers. The Darkest Night employs a well-organized Food Service Staff to accomplish the feeding of 46,768 personnel, 1 Master Chef, 3 Chefs, 30 Cooks, 6 434-FPC Personal Chef Droids, and 18 COO Cook Droids.

Each GenMess can sit up to one thousand personnel and takes up two levels. All 3 Mess Halls run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Organic cooking staff only work Monday through Friday (5 days a week), with cooks rotating on Saturdays to open 1 of the 3 mess halls once a week for a sixth day. Both on Sundays and on Saturdays where a Mess Hall was not chosen to be open, droid staff operates the GenMess with basic food choices.

Viewscreens with connection to the HoloNet surround the Mess Hall. During non-peak hours, a GenMess becomes a prime location for socialization and catching up on the news.


The Darkest Night is equipped with 30 Cooks, 27 of which were assigned to 1 of 3 massive Mess Halls aboard the warship with 3 cooks per shift for an eight hour shift (9 cooks assigned per Mess Hall for full 24 hour coverage). 3 additional cooks acted as float cooks to cover for sick days and days off. Cooks are overseen by one Chef per Mess Hall, who was is in overall charge of preparing daily food menus, managing food & supply inventory per their Mess Hall, and managing the kitchen staff. Overseeing the Chefs and entire kitchen staff in all 3 Mess Halls aboard the Star Destroyer was the Master Chef.

To assist the cooking staff, each Mess Hall came with 2 434-FPC Personal Chef Droids (1 each for a 12 hour shift) & 6 COO Cook Droids (3 for a 12 hour shift).

Food Storage

Each Mess Hall has its own secured and monitored food & supply storage, which is constantly resupplied from the Secondary Cargo Bay. In addition, each Mess Hall Chef was in charge of ensuring that their storage is used in appropriate manners, in line with the amount of food carried aboard any particular Star Destroyer's cargo holds for any length of deployment. Violation of strict food & supply monitoring guidelines can see a Chef dismissed from the Imperial Navy service all together.