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 Game Location & Games

The Paradoxical Echoes Universe (PEU), originally known as the Intervention Universe (IU) until 2020, uses the Jedi Council Forums for our role playing experience. As such, we follow the Forums' standard rules as a cornerstone of our game's structure & operation.

Games associated within the PEU---in order of story---include the following (as of 2020):

What happened to the "Intervention Universe"?

The Intervention Universe (IU) was rebranded the Paradoxical Echoes Universe (PEU) in 2020 to fit the modern approach of the "Intervention" franchise, since the Intervention Universe storyline first came out in 2009. While the same great characters and stories exist within the PEU as they did the IU, this rebranding was essential due to the incomplete nature of Intervention: Echoes in Eternity (2013 - 2016) due to Darth Real Life at the time. Additionally, we have the inability to revisit the original Echoes in Eternity storyline in its fullness with the unfortunate passing in 2020 of our great friend and Assistant Game Master, Sith-I-5. Sith's story contributions to the original Echoes in Eternity storyline made his participation vital to its conclusion with where we left off in 2016.

Type of Games

The Paradoxical Echoes Universe and its various games since 2009 are considered a Play-by-Post Role Playing Game.

Furthermore, the characters & how they interact with the storyline & background universe is based off of the themes and experiences gained through the TV shows Babylon 5 & Star Trek Voyager, where a space station and space ship were central to the characters' storylines. Additionally, other sources such as Ace Combat, Soldier (1998), and Starship Troopers (1997) all have impressions, themes, and other influences gained from those amazing stories. It should be noted, however, that the themes & ideas from these various sources are not---to the best of our ability---directly sourced ideas from those original stories, rather its the themes & impressions of the story environments that we strive to connect with. Where those themes & impressions cross over more boldly into the Paradoxical Echoes Universe, we have stressed to make works cited for photos and other influences where needed on this wiki page.

Era of Play

Paradoxical Echoes (the first game) is played in-character during The Rebellion & early Galactic Civil War (2 years BBY) Era, while Echoes in Eternity: Judgement (the last game) begins at the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY.

Canon vs. Legends

As a matter of note, the Paradoxical Echoes Universe (PEU) bases our current (2017 - present) game experience on the 2014 Reboot Canon, judging the new Canon to be the Star Wars Galaxy. With that said, however, we do employ Star Wars Legends material when it:

A) enhances material in the 2014 Reboot Canon that was previous Legends

B) when such Legends material is better suited for the game direction & storyline.

Such instances where material from Canon vs. Legends is used should be identified through corresponding hyperlinks in material used from Wookieepedia. However, this method is not fool proof & should not be considered 100% accurate and used only as a general guide.

Players should use their best judgement when determining material is either Canon or Legends.