Game Location

Paradoxical Echoes uses the Jedi Council Forums for our role playing experience. As such, we follow the Forums' standard rules as a cornerstone of our game's structure & operation.

Type of Game

Paradoxical Echoes is considered a Play-by-Post Role Playing Game.

Furthermore, the characters & how they interact with the storyline & background universe is based off of the TV shows, Babylon 5 & Star Trek Voyager, where a space station and space ship were central to the characters' storylines.

Era of Play

Paradoxical Echoes is played in-character during The Rebellion & early Galactic Civil War (2 years BBY) Era.

Canon vs. Legends

As a matter of note, Paradoxical Echoes bases our game experience on the 2014 Reboot Canon, judging the new Canon to be the Star Wars Galaxy. With that said, however, we do employ Star Wars Legends material when it:

A) enhances material in the 2014 Reboot Canon that was previous Legends

B) when such Legends material is better suited for the game direction & storyline.

Such instances where material from Canon vs. Legends is used should be identified through corresponding hyperlinks in material used from Wookieepedia. However, this method is not fool proof & should not be considered 100% accurate and used only as a general guide.

Players should use their best judgement when determining material is either Canon or Legends.

History with Intervention & Intervention: Echoes

Paradoxical Echoes is run by Game Master Bravo, the same Game Master who ran the successful, 9-year running games of Intervention & Intervention: Echoes in Eternity. Many Game Policies & other structural information may be similar between Paradoxical Echoes and the Intervention Series.

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