Gal Lace is a Major (Squadron Leader/Squadron Commander) within the Imperial Starfighter Corps, being assigned to the Coruscant Aces, a TIE/In Space Superiority Starfighter squadron. Known as a confident & zealous squadron commander, the Corellian-born triple ace TIE Pilot doesn't let his ego cloud his judgment. Although with recent professional successes as recent as 3 BBY, Gal has become known as a bit of a maverick, preferring to accomplish tactical assignments on his own terms. This has lead him to be one of the most high-profile---if oftentimes distrusted & troubled---rising stars within the Empire's elite circles. Despite this, Moff Ardus Kaine stands by his rising New Order fighter ace and will quickly bat down anyone that thinks otherwise.

Taking pride in the elite-status of the Coruscant Aces, Gal was once a member of the has-been squadron known as Bad Love for 1 year (6 BBY). Working hard in a mediocre squadron with little potential for advancement---despite the camaraderie he felt with Rudy Ash and a few others---Gal had to prove himself among the TIE Pilot elite that he was one of the very best like them. Noticed by those elites, he was handed a chance to join the hard hitting & hard fighting Coruscant Aces. Despite the invite, the young Gal Lace had to prove his worth from a mediocre backwater has-been squadron to the elite circles of a TIE squadron who routinely saw action and was known as one of the best within the Galactic Empire.

Moving up the ranks through the Coruscant Aces through retirements, transfers, and battle losses over 2 years (5 BBY, 4 BBY), Gal Lace was able to position himself to become second-in-command (captain) of the squadron. After waiting another 6 months, where his long-tenured veteran squadron commander would later be killed in action, the newly acting squadron commander (a rank & position he deplored as a direct snub at him from his commanding officers, who purposely refused to give him full rank & position recognition) had a chance to put his own mark on the squadron. Combining the TIE squadron's already blood-thirsty tactics and hard hitting nature against Separatist hold-outs, freedom fighters, pirates, mercenaries, and smugglers alike, Gal used his natural gifts of military tactics to outwit his enemies using tactics that would be considered unorthodox for a TIE Fighter, utilizing his pilots' own natural skills to their unique abilities to accomplish tactics that would be considered suicide for a TIE Fighter squadron.

Gaining the respect of his peers & enemies alike, Gal was promoted to Major in 3 BBY and given full command of the Coruscant Aces. With such successes, he was also given command of 4 Arquitens-class Command Cruisers by Moff Ardus Kaine personally, which supported (total) 12 TIEs or 3 per cruiser. Gal used these cruisers, his TIEs, and the 4 Sentinel-class Landing Craft(1 per cruiser) to great effective. A personal favorite of Captain Xavier Kyte, Gal enjoys great freedom of operations within the important Velcar Free Commerce Zone and the immediately surrounding Outer Rim Territories and few Imperials would dare approach Xavier, let alone Moff Kaine, to display any displeasure towards Gal's performance.

A lady's man with a promiscuity lifestyle and an adventure seeker at heart, Gal has no stable romantic interests to speak of. His family are poor farmers on Corellia and aside from yearly visits to see family on Corellia, he keeps seldom in touch with his mother, father, or 2 brothers & 2 sisters. He is the only one of his family to serve in the Galactic Empire, his next younger brother serving in the Corellian Security Force (CorSec), while his oldest sister is a school teacher and his youngest sister & brother both remain home with mother & father to help with farming.

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