Commodore Frederick Buford

Commodore Frederick Buford, 2 BBY

Affectionately known as "The Captain", Commodore (Naval Starship Captain, B-SR Cmdre Grade) Frederick Buford has served in the Kingdom's Navy since he was 17 years old. A career military man, the 68 year old Buford has spent 51 years serving the Kingdom of Jod, most of which has been spent refusing promotion after promotion for the sake of staying "at the helm". Despite the military's strict promotion policies, he had gained the favor of the newly anointed King Alex the "Just" in 32 BBY after 21 years of faithful service to his father, King Jarred the "Thinker". As such, King Alex made Buford his personal naval officer, the military man officially in charge of ensuring the King made it wherever he wished on the high seas or in deep space.

Despite protection from the Jod Royal House itself, The Captain sees the horizon coming to an end and he's ready to retire within the next year. With his first 15 years of service to the Maritime Force and his last 36 years to the Space Navy Force, Buford wishes to move on to a quiet retirement & life. Never married, The Captain wishes to sail off into the sunset and finish out his last years quietly.

Respected from the highest ranked Naval Officer and talked about from the lowest ranked Sailor, Commodore Frederick Buford was instrumental in both assisting in the drafting of King Alex's Military Modernization Program and was a even larger factor in the makeup of the Navy's New Class Initiative.

A traditionalist with every fiber of his body, Frederick was given the honor of commanding the Allegiance, the lead ship of the new King II-class Battlecruisers. His previous 5 year stint with the Sword of Justice (a King I Configuration-class Heavy Cruiser) was a well documented command as the King's personal starship.

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