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The Fragments of the Lost Kingdom is a mythical incomplete---several fragments of---map pointing to the rumored location of The Crystal of Being and, more-so, the rumored long-dead alien civilization from which the Crystal of Being came from. No one knows if the map really exists and, if it does, how accurate it actually is. Legend has it that during the destruction of the Red Rock Kingdom, The Crystal of Being survived and was shot into Red Space, finding its way into the Unknown Regions and its home planet. A pirate gang located the crystal and planet, but buried it on the mysterious planet while trying to loose Old Republic authorities on a chase; the pirate captain had drawn a map of the location of the crystal and other loot they had stole in a book of his.

Legend goes that the pirate crew was captured, tortured, and executed by authorities for space piracy, theft, and murder, among other crimes. But the book was missing. Hundreds of years later, the book was found, but several pages of information and drawn maps rumored to be in the book had been torn out and were presumed missing forever. These missing pieces were called the Fragments of the Lost Kingdom, the only known information and location about this mysterious lost kingdom and any possible location of the Crystal of Being.

To the extent of Old Republic records, no such chase of pirates in the Unknown Regions was ever documented and, if it ever was, has been lost to time and a uncertain fate.