The primary strategic bomber-starfighter of the Jod Military Forces & used by the Starfighter Corps until 5 BBY, the FarSpace Long Range Bomber (FRB)---introduced in 44 BBY, replacing the earlier StarDrive Medium Fighter-Bomber Mk3---is the first & last of the StarDrive Military Company's FarSpace line. The bomber was envisioned to be paired with the StarDrive Interceptor Mk 2 for deep penetration into enemy territory, which the pair did very successfully in both training and actual combat missions. Despite the FRB's relative success with the Jod Military Forces, the bomber couldn't save the StarDrive Military Company from going out of business in 42 BBY.


Encased in alusteel armor and sporting strong deflector shields, the FRB commands respectable speed and maneuverability considering it's size. Equipped with long range communications & sensors, the bomber sports a short range dual blaster ball-turret in the nose of the aircraft under the cockpit (able to cover the rear bottom of the aircraft as well and turns a full 360 degrees) and a single turreted heavy laser cannon on it's dorsal hull. The bomber also comes with Chaff & Flares, as well as 4 Copycat Pods. Additionally, the bomber has an impressive payload of bombs and extra large fuel tanks for any long duration missions (up to 3 days at cruise speed and can refuel in flight to increase that range). Last, but not least, the bomber features a mini refresher, a miniature kitchen, and 4 wall beds for long duration missions.

Present Use

Considered outdated by 5 BBY, the bomber continues to serve the JMF & Starfighter Corps, but is quickly being replaced by newer bombers, with plans to retire the bomber completely by 5 ABY. Currently, the FRB is being regulated to forgotten outposts, space stations, and used primarily as a defensive bomber for planetary defense or facility defense. Time has not been kind on the FarSpace Long Range Bomber. High maintenance costs, frequent breakdowns, the aging of the space frames, and the closure of StarDrive Military Company (and hence the easiest place to get spare parts and repairs done) has all contributed to the bomber's decline in popularity and both use & pilot willingness to fly.

Intelligence Use Beyond 5 ABY

Despite the present shortcomings, both the Military Intelligence Corps & House of Royal Intelligence intend to use retrofitted and overhauled FRB's for continued long duration intelligence gathering missions; one of the most notable exterior additions is that of Nightshadow. Intelligence leaders have plans for these retrofitted & overhauled FRB's to continue service to at least 15 ABY.

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