The FAIR Raptor-class Fighter is a product of the Progressive-Traditional-Continuity Military Doctrine, released in 5 BBY by Fair & Group Military Contracting alongside the Bounce Interceptor, and is attached to the Starfighter Corps. The Raptor-class Fighter is designed to be an fighter, attacker (fighter-bomber), interceptor, & reconnaissance starfighter all wrapped into one; while it doesn't excel at any one job, it is equally good at them all. The Raptor-class can also be used in the escort fighter role, to supplement ABE Squadrons.

Encased in titanium-reinforced alusteel armor with a quadanium steel & condensed-matter composite frame with Durasteel-reinforced shell around the cockpit and equipped with Chempat Engineered Defenses"Defender" Deflector Shield Generator (50 SBD) , the Raptor-class Fighter can take a beating and keep on flying even with it's deflector shields down. Further equipped with respectable speed & maneuverability with 2 J-77 Event Horizon engines supplemented by 2 smaller Kryomaster Engines and a system of maneuvering jets & 2 Chab-Ylwoum Scramjet Boosters, the FAIR had the power to carry the heavily armored haul into interceptor-like maneuvers. Weapons systems included 2 wing-tipped R-9X Heavy Laser Cannons, dual nose mounted Hellcaster Cannons, and---adding a punch to the fight---can carry two anti-ship heavy Assault Proton Torpedoes attached to the belly of the starfighter (or 6 MS-15 Diamond Boron Missiles for air-to-air missiles). In addition, the Raptor had a standard package of Chaff & Flares, as well as the coveted Miradyne Limited 4x-Phantom Short-Range Sensor Jammer.

Equipped with two seats, the fighter has a pilot and a Radar Intercept Officer, as well as an H-1ME Battle Mechanic Droid---which comes standard---for emergency repairs. Equipped for long flights, the Raptor has extra large fuel tanks and can also be equipped with a drop tank (in place of the missiles); standard, it comes equipped with a retractable Solar Energy Backup Recharge System, which can collect what solar energy in deep space to keep short-range communications, reduced life support, and emergency lights working if the starfighter runs out of fuel. Lastly, the wings can fold upwards to increase storage space in a busy hanger.

FAIR Raptor-class Fighter wings up

Systems include the following:

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