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Elena grew up on the streets with her twin brother Erik before an Imperial Officer took them to the Uyter Imperial Academy. Elena was spotted as a sharpshooter early on and her brother Erik was transferred to Skystrike Academy. She enjoyed her time as a cadet, and didn't worry too much about her past as she considered the Empire her family now. Though Elena sometimes wondered who her parents were she tried her best to focus on the now. 

Professional History

Elena is good at her job, and loves to mingle more then she loves just standing around if she is tempted enough. She can be rather quiet around new people, but is also very observing to the point that she was once considered for candidacy at the Imperial Intelligence Agency. She tries to keep her personal life out of her professional one, and does her best to fit in even if she disagrees. 

Traumatic Experiences

She once watched one of her best friends who was defusing mines get killed. She still has nightmares. 

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