DW-418128, otherwise known as the "Business", was born on Eriadu in 23 BBY. Business uses the E-22 Blaster Rifle as a Riflemen within the Stormtrooper Corps. His checked past has seen him demoted from Sergeant to Trooper within the Corps, although his talent and skill has so-far saved his career within the military.

Born Lance Zachary Yates, both his parents were not fit to raise him and he was raised by his grandmother & grandfather. Frequent run-ins with law enforcement for shop-lifting as a kid was a common headache for his grandparents. His rebellious behavior only worsened after his grandparents were both killed by a militant group with ties to The Rebellion when he was only 10 years old. He became a Ward-of-the-State to the Galactic Empire at that point.

The Empire chose to correct the child's behavior & turn him into an asset, verses a liability. He was enrolled into the Sub-Adult Group (part of COMPNOR). On his eighteenth birthday, he was shipped off to the Academy of Carida to become a Stormtrooper.

Despite a promising young start to his career in the Stormtrooper Corps & rising to the rank of Staff Sergeant by 4 BBY (21 years of age) in Death's Whisper Legion & Dark Battalion, several run-ins with the Imperial Military Police off-duty derailed that promising career and Lance was disciplined & demoted twice over the course of 1 year (Sergeant, then Corporal). He was dropped down to Trooper rank after a third incident reached the local news & put the Corps in a difficult position.

Despite his run-ins with the law, the Battalion had faith in their troubled brother, whom they nicknamed "Business" due to his ability to Barter and Wheel & Deal his way out of almost anything. Transferring him to Joker Platoon in 3 BBY, the Battalion hopes they can save the talent & skill Lance has before its wasted on his poor life choices with the Platoon's professional history.

Lance has partook in both Operation Home Base (4 BBY to 3 BBY) & Operation Clean House (3 BBY to Present).

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