DW-418125, otherwise known as "Face", was born on Tatooine in 26 BBY as Benjamin Jacob Waynes. Face uses the DLT-19 Heavy Blaster Rifle as a Riflemen within the Stormtrooper Corps. A Corporal within the Corps, the former Imperial Army Trooper (Sergeant) turned Stormtrooper is an experienced combatant.

Not much is known about Benjamin's early years on Tatooine, other then he was born & raised on a Moisture Farm by a human father & mother. Wanting to do something with his life other than farming (and having fought off many Sand People from his farm growing up), Benjamin wanted adventure. On his 18th birthday (8 BBY), he enlisted for the Imperial Military.

Finding the local Imperial Recruitment Office, he enlisted, then went to a regional Drop Camp for basic training in the infantry. After training, he became an Imperial Army Trooper. After a year as a regular grunt & promoted to Corporal, he was identified as a bright, young, and loyal soldier with combat experience under his belt. The Imperial Army shipped him off to Raithal Academy.

After Raithal, he chose to go back to the field, although the Army recommended he go to Corulag Academy. Completing another tour with the Army, this time Benjamin reached the rank of Sergeant. During a joint operation with the Stormtrooper Corps, he was awarded the Crimson Star at 21 years of age (4 BBY). While the Army tried to retain their rising NCO, the Stormtrooper Corps soon recruited Benjamin into their ranks.

After training at the Academy of Carida, Benjamin became DW-418125 and assigned to Death's Whisper Legion (3 BBY). His previous Army experience & service record gave Dark Battalion top digs on the rookie. He was soon assigned to Joker Platoon soon after that. He was soon awarded the nickname "Face" within the Platoon for his actor-like looks.

He has thus far served in Operation Clean House (3 BBY to Present) as a Stormtrooper.

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