DW-418122, otherwise known as "Eyes" and born Matth'set'peteravrevma (shortened to Peter Streets for Galactic Basic), is one of the few aliens serving in the Stormtrooper Corps. Eyes uses the NT-242 Sniper Rifle as a Sniper within the Stormtrooper Corps. A Trooper within the Corps, the Chiss is an excellent sniper who rarely misses.

A Chiss, born on Csilla in 27 BBY, Eyes was thought dead by the Chiss Defense Fleet during a pitched ground battle in the Unknown Regions with an unknown enemy, in which Eyes operated as a military scout & marksmen, and was targeted & struck by an artillery bombardment on his position. Falling into a hidden underground cave opened wider by the artillery fire, Eyes was severely wounded and lost consciousness. While his comrades searched for him, they never found him & thought him dead.

Left forsaken & forgotten on the field of battle in the Unknown Regions, he somehow survived his circumstances and made his way to the Galactic Empire via jumping rides with various cargo ships (why he didn't return to Chiss space remains largely unknown). Somewhere along his ordeal, he meet Thrawn, who convinced him to join the Empire. He enlisted into the Stormtrooper Corps at 23 years of age (4 BBY) and was assigned to Death's Whisper Legion after completion of training at the Academy of Carida (3 BBY).

A recent addition to Joker Platoon in 3 BBY the "new guy" has proven himself a useful addition to the experienced Stormtrooper unit, operating thus far in Operation Clean House (3 BBY to Present).

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