DES Monitoring Site

DES Monitoring Site

DES Monitoring Sites (DMS) were part of the Droid Enforcement & Safety Agency (DES) and set up on every Major World, Minor World, and Backwater World within the Kingdom of Jod; sometimes up to 5 could be found in a major city, while some Backwater Worlds may only have one site on the entire planet. They were single level buildings with 8 DES Technicians: a DES Manager Technician, a DES Advanced Repair Technician, and two DES Technician-Basics at the monitoring site 5 days a week, 9 hours a day; then 4 DES Technician-Basics traveled in teams of 2 for six days a week, 9 hours a day, conducting home and business visits. Droid Hunters were granted unlimited access to DMS locations around the clock and every day of the year.

Each DMS location featured a manager's office and staff lounge with mini kitchen & refresher (in the back of the building, directly back from the entry door; manager's office to left, lounge to right). To the left of the entry door (with the vertical cylinder roof piece) is the basic greeting desk & diagnosis center. To the right of the entry door (with the horizontal cylinder roof piece) was the droid repair shop, where advanced repairs & upgrades took place with an operating table, multiple tools, and other repair equipment (essentially an emergency room for droids).

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