Copyright & Legal

  • Copyright; Paradoxical Echoes recognizes that Star Wars is the creation and copyright of George Lucas (Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC) and now The Walt Disney Company and LucasFilm Story Group as of 2012. This Copyright extends to any & all material & works held by George Lucas & Walt Disney under "Star Wars".
    • Player / User Obligation; all Paradoxical Echoes players and staff are implored to make references and give credit to any and all creations not their own that they incorporate from outside sources into Paradoxical Echoes. In light of that information---if requested to take down and/or cease to use pictures, artwork, and or other "creative arts" an outside source has identified to be the rightful copyright holder of---all players & staff of Paradoxical Echoes are encouraged to comply with the requested action immediately.
  • Legal; We, as "Paradoxical Echoes," understand that all of our work in George Lucas' "Star Wars" galaxy is as a Fan Fiction Role Playing Game and is subject to any and all freedoms and restrictions that George Lucas and or Walt Disney and the LucasFilm Story Group so chooses to put on us. This extends to the Jedi Council Forums where applicable.
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