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Cook CDN-23-1 (Cook assigned to Darkest Night's staff of 30 cooks---of which he was the 23rd assigned---and where he was stationed in GenMess 1 of 3) or, also known as Fred Thomas Morrison (FTM for short), is a human male with an average build, red hair, and brown eyes. He has an unassuming demeanor.

Born & raised on Coruscant, Fred joined the Imperial Navy at the age of 18 with an original 4 year enlistment to see the galaxy and cook exotic food (a jab at his father, who runs an exotic food restaurant in Coruscant's lower levels). Despite a 2 year reenlistment into the military in 3 BBY when the Empire offered him an reenlistment bonus he couldn't refuse, FTM has seemed to heal any rift between him and his father and he plans on returning home to Coruscant after his remaining year is completed on his reenlistment papers to take over the family business so his father can retire.

Despite his ability to blend into any crowd and be lost to the masses, Fred is known as a sociable person who enjoys friendships. He's been known to "break the rules" and be cooking for himself or one of his comrades in the crew on a Sunday, where only droid staff is present (with organics only working Monday through Saturday).