Chief Sensors Officer Erik Vickers (Senior Staff Officer) is attached to the Imperial Navy's Support Service Branch, in specific Communications as a Sensors Officer, which handles sensors aboard the Darkest Night. A human male from Lothal, the 35 year-old Erik has his eyes set on bigger and better things, mainly a move up into the Command Officer ranks to command a Star Destroyer.

Despite his ambitions, Erik has proven a capable officer overseeing 31 total personnel total (32 including himself) and a daily crew pit of 8 personnel---Active/Passive Sensors & Target Identification to Gunnery (Senior Lieutenant, Crewmen, Crewmen, Crewmen, Crewmen), Ship/Weapon Identification & Passive Sensors (Ensign, Crewmen)---plus himself (8) aboard the bridge of the Star Destroyer. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, he is the the primary sensors liaison between sensors and Gunnery, directing incoming targets of priority to Gunnery.

Before attending Prefsbelt Fleet Camp, Erik was an enlisted Imperial Navy Trooper for 3 years and later as an Imperial Navy Commando for another 2 years. Several deployments to the Outer Rim Territories saw him not only collect combat experience, but also several facial and body scars from war. Enrolling into Prefsbelt Fleet Camp afterwards and changing career paths, he graduated fourth of his class (Erik never lets people forget that a "back water dirt ball" produced such an amazing officer). With prior combat experience, he was promoted to Junior Lieutenant fresh out of officer training (above Ensign), and Erik quickly climbed the officer ranks, utilizing his prior security training and attention to detail in his new profession as a Sensors Officer.

Known as a young and upcoming officer with a level head and combat experience, Erik is also seen as forceful, authoritative, and oftentimes direct. He expects the best from his personnel, but also from himself. Because of this intense attitude to professionalism and detail at a young age, Erik has a rather intense working relationship with Master Gunnery Chief Xavier Thunderstrike, who views the young and upcoming officer as nothing short of a blowhard who thinks with his over sized ego and not his brains. Erik fires back that Xaviver is a has been whose rotting away as a Senior Staff Officer who can't get a promotion and is jealous of Erik's quick rise through the ranks.

Erik has focused on his military career and has given little thought to settling down or starting a family. He keeps in regular contact with his family on Lothal and has dated women here and there with no long term goals in mind as of yet.

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