Must be filled out in full and Private Messaged---PM---to Game Master Bravo for approval before starting in the game. Once approved, post character sheets in the primary game thread.

Please provide hyper links to information in character sheet if applicable. Thanks!

Character Sheet






---Home World:


---Year of Birth:

---Year of Death:

---Government or Political Cause Allegiance:


---Job Title:





---Eye Color:

---Hair Color:

---Tattoos and Body Piercings:

---Other Attributes:

Clothing, Equipment, & Weapons

---Professional Clothing:

---Other Clothing:

---Body Armor:

---Primary Weapon:

---Secondary Weapon:

---Martial Arts:




---Favorite Foods:

---Favorite Drinks:

---Favorite Social Events:

---Social & Cultural Likes:

---Social & Cultural Dislikes:

Education & Skills

----Highest Education Level:

---Specialized Education:

---Primary Professional Skill:

---Secondary Professional Skill:

---Life Experience Skills:

The Force

---Jedi, Sith, or Other:

---Force Sensitivity:

---Force Abilities:


Character Flaws / Limitations

---Physical Limitation:

---Mental Limitation:

---Emotional Limitation:

---Character Critical Failure:


---Early Life, Education, & Family:

---Professional Life:

---Traumatic Experiences:


****(((The above Character Sheet is referenced from the old Jedi Council Forums' RPF before "The Move" in 2012. Extensive modifications have been added to the Character Sheet in this 2017 version.)))

****(Referenced from Intervention: Quick Reference. Last edited by Bravo, Oct 6, 2014 /// Bravo, Jan 4, 2013 at 6:37 PM)

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