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Born 44 BBY on the Mid Rim planet of Lonnaw, the 41 year-old Alexey Vasiliev is a vested and dedicated Imperial Stormtrooper Officer. Commanding Officer of Death's Whisper Legion, Alexey is a veteran of the Clone Wars---first with the Judicial Forces as a Lieutenant, then with the Grand Army of the Republic as a infantry Captain a few months after the start of the war---where he lead Clone Troopers into battle. By the conflict's end, he was a Lieutenant Colonel. He lead the initial formation of Dark Battalion between 18 BBY and 15 BBY, during the Western Reaches Pacification Operations.

By 10 BBY, he was commanding officer of Death's Whisper Legion and in 9 BBY, he rose to prominence during Operation Foothold and again, in 8 BBY, during Operation Immediate Rescue. He was instrumental during Operation Home Base in 4 BBY. Operation Clean House (3 BBY) is slated as his last campaign with Death's Whisper Legion, as he expected to depart to Stormtrooper Command soon-there-after and finish out his career, as he is eyeing retirement within the next three years.

A family man, he is married to Georgia with 3 children: Alex (9), June (5), and Tony (2). Currently, his family resides on Coruscant. Both professionally & privately, Alexey is very reserved in opinion and only speaks his mind when he has to; despite his often times observant characterization, he is the constant professional and expects as much from the men and women under his command.