A product of the Progressive-Traditional-Continuity Military Doctrine and attached to the Starfighter Corps, the Bounce Interceptor (Bee in-formerly) was released in 5 BBY by SeeFuture Shipwrights and is a short-range interceptor, designed to provide immediate relief, defense, and offensive options within a close proximity of a ground base or mother ship. The Bounce Interceptor is the primary starfighter & backbone of the Starfighter Corps throughout the Jod Military Forces because of their cheaper production costs while compared to the FAIR Raptor-class Fighter, as well as respectable abilities across the operational field.

While it lacks a hyperdrive, it boosts impressive speed, maneuverability, weaponry, and very basic deflector shields (20 SBD), giving it a slight advantage over the TIE Interceptor. Pilots, however, do not rely on the deflector shields, as they're known to be only good for a shot or two before they're toast (although they greatly help with meteoroid impacts & other minor space debris). For more reliable protection, a titanium hull covers the starfighter, while an additional quadanium steel shell covers the cockpit/escape pod under the titanium hull. The internal skeleton structure of the Bee is made of duramentium & condensed-matter composite. An H-1ME Battle Mechanic Droid comes standard, acting as an emergency option for repairs, which also adds peace-of-mind for pilots who find themselves in such an emergency.

Generally speaking, the Bee enjoys its most success in swarm tactics. Tactically, it acts as a point defense to starships, space stations, and planetary bases, as well as inter-star system patrols. Like the TIE Fighter is to the Galactic Empire as the primary starfighter, such is the Bounce Interceptor to the Kingdom of Jod. Cheap to produce with modest physical armored protection, the Bee is a plentiful sight in the Kingdom of Jod, quickly replacing any remaining Jump Fighter Mk 4's from active service.

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