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The Blue Light Safety Droid System (BSD) was a security system hardwired into the droid brain of a droid in the Kingdom of Jod. Produced jointly by Fair & Group Military Contracting and Jod Military Sciences, the BSD was mandatory for all New Class Droids and included both the Blue Safe Box (Black Safe Box for Agency & JMF droids) and Manufacturer Specific Protocol & Delivery of Information Application (MSP). The BSD enabled three things:

  • First, it was a fail-safe system that prevented the droid from overriding its safety programming or allowing anyone else to override the droid's safety programming, ensuring that even a computer virus or other sabotage of the droid could not override the droid's safety programming.
  • Second, it provided secured access to the Blue Safe Box (or Black Safe Box) for download & upload
  • Third, it allowed the MSP to be accessed and upgrades downloaded

The system was classified and any attempt to alter, damage, or remove the BSD would trigger a dead man's switch and an automatic memory wipe of the droid within seconds, even if power was turned off to the droid; the BSD always had an emergency reserve of enough power to trigger the dead man's switch, even if the droid had been powerless itself for decades.

The BSD is given its name Blue Light from a small blue light that emits from the lower right corner (back of head or dome) of the droid. If the light is willfully painted over, covered, or otherwise purposely altered or damaged, then the owner of the droid can be punished by both fines & imprisonment. The light colors mean the following:

  • Solid blue light is good operation
    • Blinking blue light is moderate to good operation. A minor problem with the droid brain or BSD, typically a program malfunction (but something that easily be fixed with a personally owned droid tool kit).
  • Solid yellow light indicates a warning and some heightened malfunction with the droid brain or BSD. Owners should take the droid in to see a DES Technician as soon as possible, within 3 days.
    • Blinking yellow light indicates a hazardous problem to the droid's operation and the droid should see a DES Technician immediately. DES Technicians are alerted via the droid's Blue Safe Box emergency burst signal. Droids that are not seen by a DES Technician within 24 hours of a blinking yellow light are authorized for destruction by Droid Hunters automatically.
  • Solid red light indicates immediate danger and Droid Hunters are authorized to terminate on the spot in the case of a red light. The nearest Army Fort or Local Garrison is also put on alert to assist Droid Hunters as necessary.
    • Blinking red light authorizes the Jod Military Forces to intervene immediately and destroy the droid on the spot by any means necessary to protect and save Jod lives.