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A Blue Safe Box / Black Safe Box. Both Boxes are identical, physically, but the first three serial number characters are always BLUUU (for Blue) or BLKKK (for Black). They are roughly the size of a average human palm. Boxes are inserted at the base of a droid's head or dome.

The Black Safe Box is the Agency's and Jod Military Forces' version of the Blue Safe Box. Instead of colorful light indicators as is typical with the Blue Light Safety Droid System, the Black Safe Box prevents the light indicators and only displays a solid black light or a blinking black light in a certain pattern; what these black light patterns mean is highly classified. Additionally, Black Safe Boxes have a FSD Chip that is hidden within the Black Safe Box and which can only be accessed by the House of Royal Intelligence; Blue Safe Boxes do not have a FSD Chip.

As with Blue Safe Boxes, Black Safe Boxes are monitored & updated yearly by the Military Office of Regulation & Safety Droid Services (MRSD), as well as needed within a year. Upon a Government Sale, Black Safe Boxes are removed and new Blue Safe Boxes are installed.