The Belkadan Moon Monastery---simply known as Monastery Moon---is a former abandoned monastery of a long-forgotten alien race on the sand-swept & desolate moon orbiting the planet of Belkadan, located on the edge of The Galaxy in the Outer Rim Territories (Tingel Arm). Now considered a shadowport among other things, the best gamblers, card players, swindlers, black marketeers, smugglers, mercenaries, bounty hunters, gunfighters, and pilots in the Outer Rim Territories & Wild Space can be found at the Belkadan Moon Monastery. The exclusive Aces' Club is located at the former monastery.

Equipped with multiple levels of cantinas, nightclubs, restaurants, motels, a repair station, and even a scrapyard with several junk dealers operating from it, the monastery has its own administrative & maintenance personnel, as well as its own private security force (Monastery Moon Police Force). Only the ill repute of the galaxy know of and where to find the Monastery Moon; access is considered a privilege and not to be taken for granted.

The walls are armored in a material comparable in strength to duralloy, while a deflector shield can shield the monastery in case of attack. While lacking fixed traditional emplacement weaponry, the Monastery Moon Police Force does have E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster Cannons in the defense towers and can deploy Mark II Medium Repeating Blaster Cannons throughout the monastery in case of attack; there are several concealed & retractable Particle Cannon Turrets along the exterior walls, which the police can use against both air & ground targets. A handful of traditional slugthrower anti-aircraft guns can be deployed from certain defensive places into court yards & open spaces within the monastery for added defenses.

The monastery's water source is through a deep underground aquifer.

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