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The BTL-S8 K-Wing Assault Starfighter is the Starfighter Corps' answer for a bomber & long range heavy escort fighter. The BTL-S8 fits both roles perfectly, being able to strike heavily defended targets with its 18 hardpoints, as well as defend VIPs aboard Delta-class JV-7 Escort Shuttles and other shuttles during long trips utilizing both its own ball turrets & extra fuel tanks (2 drop wing fuel tanks & 1 drop belly fuel tank).

BTL-S8 K-Wings are organized into ABE Squadrons (Attack-Bomber-Escort Squadron).


The BTL-S8 K-Wing Assault Starfighter is technically an original design, however, its plans for development were stolen from Koensayr Manufacturing (the BTL-S8 Prototype) by the House of Royal Intelligence. Then, to cover their tracks, HRI destroyed all notes & records of the project and then further destroyed or sabotaged any plans, projects, or prototypes the company had to reverse its fortunes with the Imperial Navy's doctrine of emphasizing the capital warship in combat and not the starfighter. This sabotage is widely considered to collapse the company further, forcing it to sell off stocks to planetary defense markets. The thorough sabotage forced Koensayr Manufacturing to abandon the K-Wing project all together.

All new K-Wings are now designed & built ground up by the Jod Defense Engineering Shipwrights, while Dot Code Services Company supplies the heavy escort fighter with it's high powered XT-B Services Package.


K-Wings have been modified from Koensayr Manufacturing's BTL-S8 Prototype with a class 1 hyperdrive, 2 drop wing fuel tanks , and 1 drop belly fuel tank, turning the K-Wing into an effective long range heavy escort fighter. The extra drop fuel tanks has extended the K-Wing's flight operations 4-fold. The addition of a H-1ME Battle Mechanic Droid (which comes standard), acting as an emergency option for repairs, also increases the survivability rate on missions and adds to the starfighter's durable operations record.

In addition to its heavy weaponry and respectable speed for a starfighter it's size (77 MGLT & the SubLight Acceleration Motor), the K-Wing comes with sturdy physical protection, including a structural frame made of duramentium & condensed-matter composite, while the assault starfighters' armored hull is titanium-reinforced alusteel. For extra protection, the starfighter is equipped with durable deflector shields (85 SBD).

K-Wings are painted in the same primary color scheme as the FAIR Raptor-class Fighter.

Pilots & Crew

One of the most populous starfighters in the Jod Military Forces, only behind the FarSpace Long Range Bomber (FRB), the K-Wing features a Bomber Pilot (commanding officer), Bombardier (operations officer), and 2 Bomb Gunners to ensure the smooth and best operation of the assault starfighter at all times.